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An ancient fratery, then a tavern in the 18th century, Taverna Rovita restaurant is situated in Via Rovita,  one of the most evocative alleys in the old town centre of Maratea.
It was restored by an old master builder according to the idea of Francesco Gambardella, owner and founder of the restaurant and since 1981 it is the right place where to look for the emotions of the most genuine and natural flavours of the seaside and Lucania traditional food.

We are opened for dinner and for lunch.

 Closed from November to March. 


Our mission is to have just 30 places. Our main dining room is beautified with artistic potteries, typical Vietri floor and with an old eighteenth-century fireplace. We also have another private dining room that can take in maximun ten people on an unique table and is an outright artgallery full of history. Our artgallery is a comfortable and private case, where you can find culture and quality, two typical pecularity of our business concept. Here, you can also buy typical potteries from the South of Italy. We organize art exhibition, rum, chocolate and wine tastings. For further informations, contact us at + 39 0973 876588 or +39 333 9221790

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