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It has been over 30 years that our dishes are created following with rigour and creativity the ancient recipes of the Lucania tradition and the version they are presented in enhances the flavours of our land and the savours of our sea.  Taverna Rovita’s cousine is refined and unique, but is also anchored at its homeland. You can eat in a dining room that is based on a 18th century fratery, and have an imaginary journey full of emotions and flavours.


The passion which evolved over several years led to the creation of the wine list of Taverna Rovita restaurant, that offers a selection of the best wines and the best vintages, in line with the culinary proposal and with greater attention to local wines. Taverna Rovita’s wine list is a journey to find the emotional wine-pairing; it starts from the slopes of the Vulture mountain and goes through Italy, France, Germany and Spain. A selection of Italian and international sparkling wines it’s also available.